Good Kitties

Special Needs Kitties

All of us have special needs of some type. The kitties you are about to see are looking for extra special people to take them into their hearts. The following cats have few options and are looking for the right person to give them a chance. Their needs will be explained.

Check below to see some very special "Good Kitties" who are up for adoption and read about their special requirements.



Gracie is a beautiful girl (about 2 years-old) who was put out with her babies last year after a foreclosure.  Unfortunately, Gracie was found to test positive for feline leukemia.  She was originally scheduled to be euthanized, but she is healthy and many kitties in her situation can live lengthy lives.  We wanted to give Gracie a chance, so she was transferred from another organization.

Gracie needs a home without other cats, or with other feline leukemia positive cats.  Gracie is an “Auntie” to both Alvin and Gary (also on our site) who came from the foreclosure situation with her.  Gracie is now spayed, vaccinated and has been tested for intestinal parasites and microchipped.  Gracie is negative for FIV and feline heartworm.  Gracie is frightened of new situations but likes affection once she feels safe.  If you can help us with Gracie, please fill out an application.  Gracie is friends with Gary and Alvin, they can be adopted together.


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