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Pre Adoption Procedures

Once it has been determined that you are a prospective parent for one of our deserving pets, Good Kitties will attempt to help you find the purrfect match for your family. We will need to learn more about you to carry out this process and ask that you fill out an adoption application for us at the following link. On this application we happily look forward to finding out about your past and present pets as well as your family. There is also space on this application to list the characteristics you most want your new adopted family member to possess. For example; color, age, size, personality, breed, hair length and more! We will look through our foster homes (all cats are fostered) to see if we can find the right match. If you have already seen one of our kitties that you have interest in either online or in person, you may list that pet’s name on the application next to “Interest.” Our intent is to create the best match for your family and our deserving kitties! Please fill out the application to get started. You should hear from us within 3 days at the latest and most often the same day. If for some reason you have not heard from us please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Once we are in contact with you, we will provide opportunities at our adoption center for you to meet our Good Kitties. The adoption counselor may ask to schedule a home visit prior to adoption.

Note that all of our kitties are spayed and neutered prior to adoption. Due to the overwhelming homeless pet problem no pet can be adopted without being sterilized. Our cats are tested for Felv, FIV, feline heartworm and intestinal parasites. Each pet has been microchipped and vaccinated with age appropriate vaccinations for distemper, calici virus, rhinotracheitis, and chlamydia. Cats deemed old enough are vaccinated for rabies. Temporary health insurance is provided for the first month and microchips are registered free of charge. The standard adoption fee is $125.

Adoption Process and Procedure

Once a match has been determined, paperwork must be completed. The adopter will be asked to read and sign the adoption contract which also contains the medical history of the pet. All pets are sterilized prior to adoption without exception. A signed PetSmart release form may also be required. Copies will be given to the adopter and copies will be kept by Good Kitties. All adopters must bring a sturdy, safe and clean pet carrier to transport the chosen pet to the new home. The adoption specialist will discuss introduction to existing pets and the follow-up process. The pets microchip number will be rechecked prior to going to its new home. We will follow up to see how pets and their new families are doing post adoption.

Post Adoption Policies and Procedures


After the adoption is completed and the new pet arrives at the new home, paperwork will be entered in the online data base. The animal will be removed from the list of available pets on the website, if it had been listed on the website. In addition, the microchip will be registered with 24-hour Petwatch to the new pet parent. A temporary 30-day Shelter Care health insurance policy will be issued and sent by e-mail, faxed, or delivered to the new pet parent. The pet parent will be able to extend the coverage by two weeks if they contact Shelter Care within 72 hours of receiving the e-mail. The policy covers accident or injury up to $750, with a $75 deductible. A follow up phone call or post adoption visit is standard policy, so expect to hear from Good Kitties in 7 to 10 days. Let Good Kitties know how the new pet and your family are getting along! Note the follow up check box located on the adoption contact.

We are available and willing to help with any difficulties so don’t hesitate to contact Good Kitties using the phone number or e-mail on the adoption contract. The foster parent’s number is also on the contract for this purpose. We try to find the purrfect match, but should it not work out at any time, Good Kitties will accept the pet back in to the adoption program. Pet parents may NOT transfer ownership of the pet in any way. The pet must be returned to Good Kitties should the new parent not be able to keep it at any time. Please call Good Kitties at any time with difficulties or concerns. We are here to help the animals we have made rescue commitments to! Thank you for helping us to help scores of deserving valley pets!

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