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S4S Cover Girls

About our cover girls:  

Pictured are Ms. Charlotte Ross (age 95) and her cat Blue (age 5). Charlotte bottle-fed abandoned Blue as a kitten 5 years ago.  The two are recently adjusting to life in assisted living and are happy they still have each other!  These two girls are active participants in the Seniors For Seniors Program.

S4S (Seniors For Seniors) Program

Cats 5+ adopted to 55+ for $5 to qualifying individuals + Fostering program. 

Older cats are treasures who are infinitely less trouble and less underfoot than kittens, yet they are more difficult to adopt. The life of many a loyal older cat has been ended at the hands of a stranger in a shelter - after death, illness, or tragic financial circumstances of a pet owner.  Many senior citizens are active in their retirement and have the time, finances, desire, and love to share with these adoring grateful pets, yet many are not adopting. They may feel they are being responsible by not taking on a pet that would be left behind if something happened to them.  Many of these folks could provide for a pet, but some may need help occasionally with things like transport to veterinary appointments or fostering if they are hospitalized.  

The companionship of these “throw away” animals could greatly increase the quality of life for many seniors who would love to have a pet, but are afraid of the responsibilities.  Sharing once lonely time with a senior feline can lower blood pressure, provide physical and mental health benefits, and provide a strong loving bond.  Noble is the purpose of creating a loving home for an older pet who would otherwise be euthanized and forgotten.  

The Good Kitties Seniors For Seniors Program celebrates seniors of both species!  Seniors For Seniors aims to bridge the gap by introducing seniors to new loyal friends and providing a safety network in case of hardship or tragedy.  Good Kitties has always required our kitties to be returned when adopters can no longer provide for them.  The Good Kitties Seniors For Seniors Program does the same.  In addition, Seniors For Seniors has created a data base of volunteers to help with occasional needs such as vet trips and other challenges.  If a senior feels they cannot make a commitment, but would like the companionship of a loving friend - the Seniors For Seniors fostering program is a good choice. Good Kitties will maintain ownership and responsibility for veterinary care.  This provides for more support than adoption.  Fosters are in high demand for these deserving cats.  To get started or find out more about our program e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   


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